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Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Number of Pieces: 10
Bristle Type: Flagged Bristle
Paint Type: Oil, acrylic, watercolor

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Professional brush set of 10 sizes, with black barrel, more high-end, can play the most basic functions in the painting process, and can bring fun to the artist’s work.
– The nibs of different sizes and shapes are suitable for creation in different scenes, such as painting, line drawing, etc.
– Suitable for oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, etc. The brushes is smooth and comfortable to hold.
– The smooth brush head bristles are very easy to clean. After use, wash with soap and warm water, then dry the brush.
– Package Dimensions: 9.88 x 2.87 x 0.43 inches, 1.13 ounces


  1. Paxton

    Love these, hard to mess up a paint brush tho

  2. NR McP

    This was a great deal and the brushes have worked wonderfully for rock painting with my grandchildren. I hate to invest too much in brushes as the kids haven’t learned proper care for them, yet I hate how the cheap brushes are lacking in usability. These brushes are the perfect find! Thank you!

  3. Mata3

    Very good variety and quality for hobby use and beginners to achieve satisfactory encouraging results. Price is good for paint party sharing Cost per brush is low if you lose one.

  4. Danielle

    Love them… Good quality

  5. Itschante_mua

    Love to use these for my makeup looks, it’s the best thing ever to use.

  6. Roni Illias

    I bought these for an outdoor stencil. Didnt cost much so I threw it away when done. There are a lot of shapes to choose from which was nice,.

  7. Laura

    Great value for very good paint brushes. Glad to have found these paint brushes

  8. Jhoanna

    Best brushes ever I love them I’ve used them nonstop !!

  9. austin olivieri

    I bought these for doing large areas on miniatures. They work great for that. I bought another more detailed set to compliment these. I am very happy.

  10. Cameron South

    very good cheap brushes, but 2 of them came w extremely uneven bristles. easy enough for me to fix, but it just shows poor quality control. still overall very happy with these

  11. Ashley

    Variety of brush choices for rock painting or any other kind of craft you would be doing.

  12. Mackenzie Wahl

    These brushes are alright. Nothing crazy good. I had to trim some of them but for the price they’re worth it

  13. Lena moss Andrews

    This set has brushes for every possible use. I use it for paint by number paintings which have all shapes and sizes to paint. These do it with ease. Has nice paint bristles and easy to clean. Clean after each use and put bristles back in shape. They will last a long time.

  14. bibin

    Easy to hold.

  15. bibin

    Easy to hold.

  16. Elly Savat

    good value and good product. some of the brushes can have longer and uneven strands but a bit of trimming will give you some of the best brushes. you don’t need expensive brushes to make a good painting, you just need some that are stable and don’t shed. these are it.

  17. Steph

    These work great for my 6 year olds who loves to paint.

  18. Pam Prath

    This was just what I needed to teach a beginner.

  19. Wagon Willie

    These work great and are pretty cheap.

  20. Heather Davidson

    They came fast and are a great deal

  21. Gary Lee

    These are so nice, especially for the price! I’ll buy them again!

  22. K Gomez

    Loved the brushes. Never had any issues with the bristles coming out. Kept their form after cleaning them. I did balance them over the edge of the counter while drying so that they wouldn’t loose their form. I used them to paint on a b day cake and it turned out great.

  23. Susan profitt

    I like this product a lot, I have recently picked up painting again and these were just the things I needed right on the budget too, Most brushes I’ve bought were cheap, and when painting with some other brushes you can see the hair’s coming out and ruining the painting but not with these.

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